Chicago’s Olympic Race War.


By Eliot Rahal

Gentrification, or for those who don’t read books, better known as, “Where’d all the black people go?” has been the proverbial skeleton key for white handed city planners who had to think of a creative way to exile minorities from certain neighborhoods when segregation was deemed to be “distasteful” in the eyes of white urban elites. Gentrification functions basically the same as segregation with a few key differences. Segregation hates you because of the way God made you. Gentrification hates you because of your circumstances, IE, those who don’t have any money, don’t really have much of choice if a highway is built in your back yard where the public school once stood. However since in our country being dirt poor in urban areas is synonymous with races that aren’t white, this allows for a far more subtle racism, meaning: Gentrification hates you because your poor and black…. not just black – that would be too bold.

Consequently this type of slimier, far more deceitful city planning is the favorite to our very own Snidely Whiplash of an elected official, Mayor Daley. His love for hating things that aren’t his own skin color extends to a level diabolical politics that hasn’t been seen in the city of Chicago since his father was in power. Why do you think Taylor Street has only two authentic restaurants left, or just contemplate the existence of Old Town and Lincoln Park. In fact recent documents were discovered in Mayor Daley’s desk for his plans for Chicago if it receives the Olympic bid in 2016. The blue print included a map of urban areas with high minority populations but low property tax rates, which were crossed out in a bold red, and in their places were the words BARNES AND NOBLE, STARBUCKS and POTTERY BARN over and over again. Other plans included and I quote from Daily’s architectural notes, “Island on Lake Michigan + Minorities + Dynamite + 2016 Olympics = THE PERFECT CRIME.”

Some of you are probably saying to yourselves, “I won’t let that happen, I voted for Obama which means I care about things I barely comprehend.” Unfortunately this moment of empathy for humanity will be literally white washed as the Olympics are set up at Navy Pier. Soon voices of protest will turn into, “Look how nice everything looks” and the poor will be forgotten, as they are time and time again. No amount of Sean Pean’s and movies about equality will change the fact that Chicago’s politics are super racist.

In fact our only hope to spare thousands of people and large neighborhoods from an ignoble eviction notice is the fact that this city has the highest murder rate in the nation. With a blood curdling number that reaches over 500 a year, nothing short of murder in the first degree will be the only thing keeping U.N. delegates away from our very inviting city limits.


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