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A-Rod recants, says he never used steroids.

A-Rod, seen here struggling with peer pressure

A-Rod, seen here struggling with peer pressure

by Eric Terman

New York Yankees 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez, in a second interview in as many months with MLB expert Peter Gammons, has recanted and says he has never used steroids. Rodriguez’s reversal has stunned the baseball community, and is raising more questions than it answers. Rodriguez says he felt under pressure to admit using performance enhancing drugs and wilted under the pressure.

“I’ve just always wanted people to like me, and so I said what I thought everyone wanted to hear…and I thought it would just go away” said Rodriguez. When asked by Gammons to explain his two positive steroid tests he responded, “Does it really matter now? What’s important is that I’m finally telling the truth…I’m coming clean and admitting to having never used steroids.”

The interview became heated when Gammons asked about Rodriguez’s previous explanation of having begun the use of performance enhancing drugs because of pressure he felt upon signing an 8 figure contract with the Texas Rangers. “I lied because of pressure; you put me under pressure and so I said I did something that I didn’t do. But, Selena Roberts really did stalk me” he added.

Rodriguez’s agent Scott Boras issued a prepared statement shortly after the interview congratulating his client for doing the “brave” thing. When asked by a reporter if he anticipated that the controversy would become a distraction and drag into the season, Boras laughed and said “Absolutely not. Why would it, it never even happened.”


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